Brian May da clases de guitarra desde su casa para pasar la cuarentena

El guitarrista de Queen ha tenido que adaptar su rutina y trabajar desde la casa. También ha aprovechado la instancia para llamar a la calma a sus seguidores.

Brian May Brian May

Los artistas también han tenido que modificar sus vidas debido a la cuarentena. Es el caso de Brian May, guitarrista de Queen que ha dado “miniconciertos” desde su casa para todos los fanáticos de la agrupación inglesa.

“Esta es mi contribución esta noche al bien común. Un estallido crudo de alegría: una sala de Rock”, ha dicho el artista de 72 años, que desde el primer momento se ha mostrado preocupado por la situación que vive el mundo con la pandemia.

El músico británico también ha mostrado parte de su vida diaria y cómo enfrenta el encierro. También ha aprovechado la instancia para llamar a la calma a sus seguidores y asegura que esto pasará.

“Mantenerse tranquilos y crear mientras permanecen en casa. Estén seguros y agradecidos de que tenemos una oportunidad aquí… Tratemos de disfrutar cada día que se nos ha dado”, señaló en su cuenta de Instagram, donde ha publicado varios videos de sus “miniconciertos”.

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Well, have to admit I wasn’t in the mood for analysis tonight. Just wanted to connect. And I have to acknowledge I was helped in this broadcast by a couple of Grey Goose and Tonics - courtesy of my lady wife. Of course I did get lucky in securing the services of the Best Barmaid In the World !! Maybe I will persuade her to photo-bomb me in a future MicroConcierto ! Happy Saturday folks ... IS it Saturday ?!! Who knows ? All the days are starting to feel the same now. It’s a bit like being ON TOUR !!! 😂😂😂 Take care out there. And I MEAN TAKE CARE. Remember the statistics - every physical interaction you DON’T have improves your chances of survival to see us play some day !!! Oops - did I say that ?!! ISOLATE YOURSELVES - NOW ! make it hard for the bastard coronavirus to find you !!! And even harder for it to get to your family. #dontstopusnow #microconcert Bri .

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I’m not an immunologist - but anyone with even a scant understanding of logic and statistics has been feeling angry and anxious this last 3 weeks. These are my thoughts - I hope they are helpful. My heart reaches out to those already directly suffering from the effects of the CoronaVirus. Our Spanish friends are now in the heat of the battle, as we in Britain will soon be, barring a miracle. God bless ya - be strong and be careful. Vaya con Dios. Folks everywhere - our miracle will come - but we need to help it happen. We need to buy time - and the closer we get to a Nation where every household is isolated from every other - the more time we will buy. Remember not to expect things to change immediately - turning this thing around is like trying to make an ocean liner change its course - you have turn the rudder and then wait until it slowly responds. But we can do this. Be safe - and let’s be grateful we have a chance here. And let’s still try to enjoy each day we’re given. KEEP CALM AND CREATE !!! #dontstopusnow Cheers - Bri

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