Billy Corgan ninguneó a su excompañera D’arcy Wretzky

El líder de Smashing Pumpkins relativizó el trabajo de la bajista en el álbum Machina.

Aún sin confirmar oficialmente la reunión de Smashing Pumpkins con algunos de sus miembros originales, Billy Corgan relativizó el protagonismo de D’arcy Wretzky, exbajista de la banda y única miembro que no fue invitada al encuentro, en el trabajo del álbum Machina.

El vocalista de la banda, sin nombrarla, publicó en su cuenta de Instagram que James Iha, guitarrista, no lo había visto “recogiendo un bajo desde Machina (donde hizo buena parte del disco, a pesar de que los créditos solo lo ponen haciendo un “saxxon flaxen” y como saben mucho de lo escrito es evidentemente falso)”.

What a weekend! Saturday, I was high in the hills of Topanga, overlooking the ocean on a beautiful sunny day, and according to some reports (based on photos taken or leaked) I am now a bassist. I mean, yes, I have played bass on many of your fave songs but I'm not sure I can play bass AND sing at the same time? But perhaps I can try *someday*. Other reports have @jjjschroeder (who just celebrated a birthday) as a budding bassist. Which is interesting, because though Jeff doesn't mind plucking at 4 strings if needed I know he would much prefer the dulcet tones of 6 (but I have heard him confess that 7 strings is just 'too much') @jamesihaofficial on the other hand, well, I haven't seen him pick up a bass since Machina (which he played a fair share on, despite reports claiming a certain 'flaxen Saxxon' did; and as you know with much that is written is patently f-a-l-s-e). Which brings me back to my time in the hills of Topanga, dressed in a long coat, staring out into the ocean dreaming of a future not yet realized. Wisdom here dictates that I share something I have said many times as of late, which is: be here now, live in the present. There truly is no past (but that which lives in your mind), and the future too is but a dream. So kindly, truly, embrace the life you are living TODAY Which reminds me of a song that I also played bass on… #WPC #becarefulwhatyouwishfor (tattoo courtesy of @sir.cophagus

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Corgan, de esta forma, le quitó relevancia a Wretzky en el disco publicado en el 2000 y respaldó a Iha, quien estaría en el reunión de la agrupación. Los rumores se multiplicaron al conocerse dos imágenes filtradas de una sesión de fotos donde estaría la alineación actual de los formados en Chicago, Estados Unidos.